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Elevate Your Business with Strategic Google Ads Campaigns

Unleash business growth with Google Ads, driving targeted traffic, increasing sales, and elevating brand visibility.
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Reach for top-of-Google ranking and drive business growth. Start your Google Ads campaign with us today!

The Impact of Advertising on Google for Your Business

Advertising on Google can be transformative for businesses looking to scale quickly. It offers immediate visibility, bypassing the long-term process of organic website ranking. You can target specific demographics, locations, and even user behaviors, making your marketing efforts highly effective and measurable. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or launch a new product, Google Ads provides the platform to reach your goals with precision and control.

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Our Strategic Approach to Google Ads Campaigns

At Electric Pencil, we tailor Google Ads campaigns to align perfectly with your business goals. We optimise every aspect of your campaigns, from keyword selection to ad copy and targeting, ensuring your ads resonate with your desired audience, drive results and strive for that coveted top of google spot.

Increase conversions and lower costs with an effective Google Ads campaign. Contact us today!

Simplifying Online Advertising

Electric Pencil demystifies Google Ads for business owners, managing all aspects of campaigns from keywords to bidding strategies, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhancing Website Visibility

Our expert team optimises Google Ads campaigns to improve website ranking, increasing visibility and driving targeted traffic to your site.

Targeted Audience Reach

We employ sophisticated targeting techniques to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience, enhancing engagement and ROI.

Optimized Budget Management

Electric Pencil skillfully manages your advertising budget, balancing cost with the acquisition of high-quality leads, ensuring optimal campaign performance.

Achieving Your Business Goals with Google Ads

We leverage our expertise in eCommerce to help you achieve your business objectives. From expanding your market reach to increasing online sales, our solutions are designed to deliver tangible results and drive business growth.

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Maximising Online Visibility and Brand Awareness

Businesses aim to enhance their online presence and brand awareness, ensuring they are the first choice for potential customers in their market. Electric Pencil crafts strategic Google Ads campaigns to boost your brand’s online visibility, positioning you prominently in relevant search results.

Driving Targeted Traffic to Website

The goal is to attract high-quality, targeted traffic to the website, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. We focus on highly targeted keywords and audience segmentation to drive qualified traffic to your website, enhancing engagement and conversion potential.

Increasing Sales and Lead Generation

Businesses use Google Ads to boost sales and generate valuable leads, directly contributing to revenue growth and business expansion. Through optimized ad copy and targeting, Electric Pencil creates Google Ads campaigns designed to maximize sales and lead generation for your business.

Achieving High ROI on Ad Spend

Owners seek to maximize the return on their advertising investment, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to tangible business results. We meticulously manage and optimize your ad spend, ensuring high ROI through strategic bidding, precise targeting, and continuous campaign refinement.

Gaining Competitive Advantage

The aspiration is to outperform competitors in website ranking, capturing a larger market share and establishing industry dominance. Our team leverages competitive insights and advanced ad strategies to position your business ahead of competitors in Google search results.

Improving Customer Engagement and Retention

Businesses strive to not only attract new customers but also retain them, building long-term relationships and loyalty through effective engagement. Electric Pencil designs Google Ads campaigns that resonate with your audience, fostering engagement and loyalty to improve customer retention rates.


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Since 2012 Electric Pencil has been our preferred website design supplier. They have hosted our website and provided consistent and quality maintenance and support & even when our requests have been urgent, they have managed an average response time of less than 1 hour. These quick turnaround times have meant that we are able to leave our website in their capable hands and get on with our business with peace of mind.

Aaron ThorntonManaging Director, Dial a Nerd

Electric Pencil have been our graphic and web design partners since 2014 and have continuously provided us with creative ideas that wow our customers.

Gary SegalChief Executive Officer, Game On Performance Solutions

We turned to Electric Pencil to design and create a new website that would be easy for us to update in-house, and most importantly – one that accurately followed our corporate identity. It is hard to illustrate a design image inside your head to somebody who is not in your industry, and before we were introduced to Electric Pencil, we were beyond frustrated with the concepts we were being presented with. They literally nailed it after ONE meeting.

Lara ReevesMarketing & Accounts, Metrum Project Management

We recently briefed Electric Pencil on our latest website, and asked for something creative that would grab attention. Their very unique approach resulted in a website that exceeded our expectations. Electric Pencil’s ability to understand and execute on our brief means that our website stands out from the industry norms.

Brian TimperleyChief Executive Officer, Turrito Networks