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Useful website content

By 29 Aug 2014Aug 15th, 2021No Comments

While I doubt anyone sets out with the purpose of generating content for their website that is boring, confusing, irritating and generally useless – any content that is not created with very specific goals in mind is exactly that. Even that fluffy “About Us”, “Our History” and “Who We Are” stuff that most of us have been or even are still feeding our audiences may seem neutral, the fact is it is wasting our target audiences time and money and getting in the way of fulfil their needs. Content that is useless to your target audience is useless to your business.

Kissane has it right when she says “Greater specificity will produce better results.”

The best examples of useful website content are when it directly impacts the buying decisions of a specific target audience. Using a specific product on one of my favourite online stores “Think Geek” I’ll show how useful website content improves the chances of selling products.

While Battle Tank Desk Pets are not your typical online purchase, they do form part of a very specific subculture of online buyers; Geeks.

Using photography, well written descriptive copy, product specification lists, user generated content and most effectively; video, Think Geek sell this product to their niche target audience.

Let’s evaluate the power of the video they have included in its role in selling the product. In less than one minute the video accomplishes the following:

  • Shows how simple the assembly of the product is.
  • Shows that the product is operated with an app on the owner’s mobile phone.
  • Shows that the product can be used by two people.
  • Shows that the product is exciting and fun.
  • Shows how simple it is to operate the product.

It is only by eliminating certain features of the content strategy that we can appreciate how effective it actually is. So let’s consider how effective this page would be in selling the product if we:

  • Removed the video showing how much fun using the product can be.
  • Removed the product specifications so we didn’t know that it works with an app on a mobile phone.
  • Removed the creative descriptive copy that introduces and sets the tone for this Battletank Desk Pet.
  • Didn’t include a price, availability, buy now button or payment gateway with delivery options.

I’m sure that you can see that eliminating any of this useful website content would be disastrous. But it is the m ore subtle things that I am intrigued by, which set this product aside from others that I want you to take to heart. Think Geek have taken the time to produce a video that could stand on its own and sell the product. It ticks all the boxes of great content.

Now evaluate the content of your current website in terms of its usefulness to the intended target audience. You’ll quickly be able to tell the difference between content that is working for or against you.

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