Top 3 SEO Factors to Focus on for Google Ranking

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What are the top 3 SEO factors that Google considers important for ranking your website?

Google are releasing a series of videos called SEO Mythbusting. In the first video Martin Splitt, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, reveals the top 3 SEO factors to focus on for better Google ranking. This quite important because in the past Google have not been as open about which of their over 200 signals they consider to be most important. Watch the video from 2:49 to hear what Martin has to say. Then see more details about why this is such important news.

View the rest of the videos in the series on the Google Webmasters SEO Mythbusting channel.

Let us help you take advantage of these top 3 factors to focus on and improve your Google Ranking

Top 3 SEO Factors:

Top SEO Factor #1: Content

“You have to have really good content. And that means you have to have content… that serves a purpose for the user.”

The most important part of this comment about content is that it serves a purpose for the user. Creating content like this is not that difficult, if you are able to answer these questions:

  • How appropriate is your content to your target audience?
  • How useful is the content at fulfilling the needs of your visitors?
  • Is your content centered on your specific target audience?
  • Do you communicate your message clearly?
  • Have you got a consistent message?
  • Are you being concise with what you are communicating?
  • Do you support your content with other content?

Read more about what makes website content great website content. 

Top SEO Factor #2: Meta Data

“So the second biggest thing is make sure that you have meta tags that describe your content,”

Meta data is the information about your content that makes it easier for Google to understand what the content is about. Here’s the top 3 things that need to be done in order to make sure that Google understands what you are trying to say:

  • Keywords
    A series of keywords that are relevant to the page you are creating. These are also normally the words or phrases that you expect people to be searching on Google for your page.
  • Page Title
    This is the test that you’ll see at the top of your browser. Google views this as the title of that specific page.
  • Description
    A brief description of your webpage that Google and visitors can use to understand at a glance what your page is about.

Another important aspect of your meta data is how well it works with the rest of the content of your page. If the content of your page is about one thing but the meta data is describing something else, you’ll be doing that page a disservice.

Top SEO Factor #3: Performance

“So for us it is definitely important. But that doesn’t mean it kind of overrides everything else.”

By performance Martin is talking about the speed of your website. Google focus heavily on speed. If your website and a competitors website do all of the above well, website speed will become the differentiating factor that puts you ahead. Here are a few important things to consider for a fast website:

  • Optimise your images
    Large uncompressed images are the main culprit in slowing a website down. Crop images to the exact size pixel width and height that is required. Then optimising those images for as small a file size as possible.
  • Minify your code
    Removing unnecessary spaces, commas and other characters in your CSS, HTML and JavaScript will improve your page load speed.
  • Compress your files
    Compressing those files that you’ve minified is a further step that can be taken to optimise the speed of the page.

There are many more ways to improve your website load speed.

Let us help you take advantage of these top 3 factors to focus on and improve your Google Ranking

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