How do I set goals for my website?

Setting goals

How do I set goals for my website?

With the start of a new year perhaps it’s time to start thinking about setting new goals for your website. Maybe your website needs a revamp so that it can fit in with your goals or perhaps you are still considering your first website. Regardless, the first step is to know how to set goals for your site. Like everything in life, measurable progress is at the very core of setting goals. You need to know if your website is working for your business and if it isn’t, you will need to make changes so that it does.

Below are a few tips to setting website goals:

  • Specific goals – set detailed goals for your website that you can work towards. For instance, you can decide that you want to receive 5 unique visitors to your website per day. That’s quite specific and gives you something to focus on.
  • Measurable goals – clearly defined goals are more measurable. It is important that you can chart the progress of your website and its effectiveness, for example you might want to reduce your bounce rate or increase unique visitor traffic.
  • Actionable goals – this means that your goals should be actionable and quantifiable. Setting passive goals will get you nowhere. The goals you set must require you to take action to set things in motion.
  • Realistic goals – don’t set goals that you know are near to impossible. Set goals that are attainable and work methodically towards achieving them.
  • Time bound goals – make sure that you set a time frame or personal deadline for these goals to be achieved. Having a deadline will spur you into action and your website goals will be reached with greater ease.

If you aren’t willing to analyse your website’s success and progress now, you will simply never make the success of it that you have dreamed of.  Take a fresh look at your business plans, then look at the year in its entirety before breaking your goals down to meet your objectives and take your business into the new year

Ensuring that your website is working for your business should be a number one priority for you. If you would like to receive more tips and advice on setting goals for your website, get in touch with us at Electric Pencil. We will ensure that you are presented with further advice and viable options to consider.


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