Risks of a failed website strategy

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What are the risks of a failed website strategy?

There is a lot of talk that goes around about website strategy and effective design, but what does this mean for your business. What does it mean if you implement a website strategy that fails? There are a few possible negative outcomes:

  • The introduction of your brand and products to the market will be seen in a poor light by your target audience.
  • Your brand will remain unknown in a competitive market where you really need to make your mark.
  • Waste of money as your marketing efforts will cost you, yet be ineffective.
  • Wasted time as you will need to rethink your strategy and begin again.
  • Loss of income as your online presence will not be generating sales.

If you feel that your website strategy is failing or not presenting the desired results, here are a few potential reasons why:

  • You don’t have a website blog. This is vitally important as this is where you will create and upload content that is relevant and helpful to your client. “How to” articles, product specifications and a great deal more can be posted here and really boost your website’s appeal.
  • You don’t have an SEO strategy. It is one thing to post content to your site that is relevant, but this content needs to be professionally planned and strategically written. If you aren’t sure how to write SEO content, perhaps it’s time to talk to a professional online copywriter.
  • Your social media presence is dismal. You might not like the idea of Tweets and Likes to get people talking about your business, but let’s face it – this isn’t about you, it’s about your target audience. We live in a time where everyone online, is “liking” things, tweeting about things and sharing posts on things. Make sure that your business and website doesn’t miss out on this.

Of course these are just a few of the reasons why your website strategy could be failing.

To learn more about implementing a successful and effective website strategy, contact us today.

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Sean McMahon is a digital strategist and website designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been in the digital design industry since 1998 and currently heads up Electric Pencil.

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