Is it time to rethink the goals and target audience of your website?

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rethink goals and target audiences for your website

Is it time to rethink the goals and target audience of your website?

If you’ve had a look at your website lately and thought “OMG! it’s time to do something about this thing”. One of the best places to start is with the website’s goals and target audience. Here’s some helpful information:

How to determine your website’s target audience.

  1. Who are your ideal customers?

    Find out as much as you can about who your customers are. What their occupations are, age groups, gender, income status, location and other defining characteristics. Now find out what their personality types are, their attitudes, interests and  lifestyle. By grouping all of this information together you can start to create personas of your typical customers. Start by creating three personas from the information you’ve gathered. Name them according to their identifying factors and really get to know them.

  2. What are their challenges?

    Figure out what each of your personas challenges and problems are. Ask them if you need to. You want to find out the things that keep them up at night? Don’t limit yourself to finding out problems that are directly associated with the products or services you offer, the better you understand your target audience the better you’ll be able to help them. Now group these into a few overriding challenges for each persona and list the problems that they cause. The problems caused are different to the challenges. A challenge is something that is perceived, but the problem it may cause is is real.

  3. What could things be like without those challenges and problems?

    Paint a picture of how your personas lives could be if their specific challenges were overcome. What would the results and opportunities be if those problems were solved?

How to find out what the goals of your website target audience are.

You should already be able to see that just by finding out who your target audience is, you’ll have learn’t about what their goals are.

  1. Ask them

    Yes, it sounds too simple to work. But in fact some of the best guidance you’ll get is from your target audience themselves. Create a list of questions based on your target audience research and ask people who fit those personas. Then check their responses against the information you have about your personas. If you find out that there’s a disconnect it’s time to find out more about your target audience.

  2. Make an educated guess

    If you’ve been dealing with your customers for a long time you probably know them pretty well. Use that insight to make a assumptions. Then check these assumptions by asking some of your customers. Again, you’ll either find out your’re on the right track, or that you need to find out more.

  3. Position your products and services as solutions

    Compare a list of the challenges and problems your target audiences face with a list of your products and services. Which products and services will help your customers overcome their challenges.

How to set business goals for your website.

  1. Achieving your target audience’s goals is your goal

    The journey to a customer who is a brand ambassador for your business starts way before they purchase your product or use your service and continues past the point of sale. So focusing on their needs and how best to help them throughout this journey is your website’s main goal.

  2. Aligning your business objectives with your customers needs

    By knowing who your target audience is and how best to alleviate their pains you will be well positioned to align your products and services to their needs. Take the time to focus on how your business can solve their problems and what benefits they will get and you’ll be well on your way. Your target audience knows their pains all too well, you just need to show them how your products and services can alleviate those pains.

  3. Measuring the success of your efforts

    It cannot be stressed enough how important measuring how your doing at helping your target audience and what return your business is getting from doing so. Make sure that you’ve got clear calls to action and that you measure the journey your website visitors take towards becoming customers. Have a website content strategy and stick to it, but also be flexible to change when necessary. That way you’ll be able to do more of what is working and change what isn’t.

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