Redesigning your website?

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redesigning your website

Redesigning your website?

A website redesign can seem to be daunting task, but if done right, the process can give your business a much needed boost. Consider the following before diving in and you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that is an asset to your business.

Do you have a clear target audience and website goals?

Knowing who your website’s target audience is and what their needs are is a must before starting with your website redesign. The choices you make about the design of your website should be aligned with the goals that your business wants to achieve and the needs of your target audience. If you don’t yet have a clear idea it might be time to rethink the goals and target audiences of your website before starting the design.

Does your business have a well designed logo?

While this might seem to be a silly question, your brand’s visual identity hinges on a successful logo as the starting point. If you just picked a logo from a list of free options or had it designed in haste by the printing company who printed your business cards you should consider getting a professional graphic designer to re-look the design. Your logo is the heart of your brand and needs to convey your organisation’s essence in as simple a way as possible. A great logo is not only memorable, it also provides much needed direction for all of your visual identity elements.

Does your organisation have a brand style guide?

A brand style guide is usually created by the graphic designer who designed your logo. It is also known as the identity manual from which any other creative can find out how best to use your logo and all other visual elements. A comprehensive brand style guide will include colour use, typography, layout and other visual guides that assist anyone who needs to use your brand.

Does your website redesign match your brand’s style?

Your website should not only follow the guidelines set out in your brand style guide, but it should also add to it. Most brand style guides only consider printed material like a business card or letterhead. Your website is a living version of your brand identity and requires additional guidelines for how your brand will be used on screens, smartphones and tablets. If there is a disconnect between your printed brand and online brand your target audience will not trust your website or your organisation. So making sure that your website redesign matches and extends your brand’s style is of utmost importance.

Does your website stand out from the competition?

Have you had a look at what your competitors are doing on their websites? Knowing what the level of competition is among your peer organisations will give you an indication of how best to create a unique visual design that will stand out for the right reasons.

Does your website look good on smartphones and tablets?

Is your website design responsive to the device it is used on? Does it readjust itself according to whether you’re holding your smartphone in portrait or landscape? Or do you have to constantly zoom in to read anything while viewing your website on a phone? Responsive website design is a must since most of your target audience will visit your website from their smartphone. Having a website that is able to adjust itself according to the various kinds and sizes of smartphones will guarantee that your visitors get the best experience on whatever device they choose to use.

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