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Reasons to consider a business blog

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Reasons to consider a business blog

Starting a business blog is a great idea for any business. Writing blog posts that are relevant to your business will set you on the path to becoming an industry leader and expert in your field. Frequent addition of posts to your business blog add to the ranking of your website site on search engines and you can drive people to your website through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn too. So if its such a great idea, then why aren’t all businesses doing it?

There are certain “stumbling blocks” that many business owners fear will get in the way of them making a success out of a business blog. I see those perceived stumbling blocks as challenges. Here are a few reasons to consider a business blog:

Will the blog really help my business?

Yes, a blog can add value to your corporate website by increasing web traffic, getting better organic search results, increase your reputation as an expert in your field and gather prospects and turn them into clients.

I’m running a business, will I really have the time?

This is a valid concern and the answer is that you don’t need to be the one who writes for your blog. Get your expert staff members to write posts or ask your web design company to do it for you. By delegating this work you can oversee it from a strategic point of view.

It sounds expensive, what will it cost me?

The great thing about a blog is that if you write for it yourself or get internal staff to do this for you then the only cost is a minimal setup fee. The best blog systems are also open source so there should be no recurring licensing fees either. If you need help with getting blog posts written you should make sure you only pay for what you get. So this is really a very cost effective marketing tool.

How often do I need to write for the blog?

The more often that you write relevant content for the blog the better. That being said a good start is four times per month.

Who do I write the blog for and what will I write about?

Your blog should be aimed at your target audience. Knowing your target audience well will enable you to write to their needs and become a valuable source of information for them. Research your target audience and know what their pains are and write to solve those pains and you’re blog will become a place of activity and discussion.

How do I promote the blog so that people will read it?

Just by blogging about relevant industry specific things that you already know about, you’ll be promoting your blog. Search engines love to trawl blogs, especially when they are updated often and have useful information. Linking your blog to other social media platforms can also be great ways of promoting it and driving people to your website. Use LinkedIn to let your followers know that you have just posted a new blog, do the same with Twitter and Facebook and you’ve already got three databases of people to promote to. Then encourage your audience to like your posts and the post will rise up in the search rankings.

How will I know that the blog is doing any good?

Measuring the success of your blog using any analytics tools is a great way to see which posts performed better and why. By comparing the difference in style and layout of two blogs you can easily fin tune your writing skills to create blog posts that consistently perform well.

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