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Reasons why email newsletters work

By 13 Nov 2013Aug 15th, 2021No Comments

Reasons why email newsletters work

Many companies wonder what benefits an email newsletter service provider can offer them, and whether they could just do it in-house themselves. I have outlined 9 of the most important reasons why newsletters work and the benefits of using an email service provider to send and manage those campaigns.

A selling and marketing tool

A well thought out newsletter is an excellent sales and marketing tool. You get the best ROI for any direct marketing channel – a US report states that for every $1 spent an average return of $45 can be expected. A tailor made newsletter template designed to your corporate identity specifications and requirements is also an asset to your brand.

Keep in touch with your client base

Regular and useful communication with your target audience keeps you at the front of their minds. Even if you’re not making a hard sell each time you send a campaign, you are continually building your realtionship with your target audience and that in turn builds brand trust.

Contact a large amount of people in minutes

Instead of using snail mail you can connect with vast amounts of people all over the world in minutes if not seconds. It is also simple to segment your target audience so that specific communications reach specific people.

Get real time feedback

With easy to use and detailed reporting and analytics you will be able to see the response your target audience has had to your campaign in real time. See who opens your communications, when they open them, how often they open them, who they forward them to what they click on and much more. Good reports and analytics give you the ability to make valuable marketing decisions for future campaigns.

Easy to set up

Campaigns are easy and quick to set up. By following a set of simple step by step instructions campaigns can be created and sent within minutes. After set up you can test your campaigns to make sure that they look exactly the way you want them to.


Compared to other direct delivery methods email newsletters are the best value for money. Their are no recurring monthly fees for nothing in return. Once your newsletter template is set up you never need to pay for it again. The capaign send fees are nominal and you only pay for the recipients you send to.

Don’t jam up your servers

By using a third party to send and handle the campaigns you will not bring your own server to a grinding halt. The servers that handle the campaigns are built specifically for this purpose and can handle thousands of newsletters at a time.

Fight spam

By conforming to some simple rules of how to acquire your database you will be fighting spam instead of being a part of it. Your newsletters will include an unsubscribe link which automatically adjusts your database accordingly. All this keeps you free of any spam reporting and or legal trouble.

Get personal

Knowledge is power and by being able to address someone by name and communicate to their specific needs you will have the upper hand. You have the ability to add new information about your database as you find it out and it can grow passively with a newsletter sign up form on your website.

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