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Create a Quick Draft in WordPress

By 10/04/2019Apr 14th, 2019Tutorials, WordPress Dashboard
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Creating a Quick Draft in WordPress

When you need to create a quick draft, WordPress has a special function to help you do this from your Dashboard. This video will show you how to use the Quick Draft function in WordPress.

Quick Draft is especially helpful when you have thoughts that you immediately want to record down and turn into a full post later on. Right from your dashboard, you can record and save your thoughts using Quick Draft.

How create a Quick Draft in WordPress: using the quick draft function

  • If you prefer to read the instructions, here’s how to create a Quick Draft in WordPress using Quick Draft function.
  • Quick Draft is located in the top-right of your WordPress dashboard.
  • If it is collapsed, clicked to expand it.
  • In the title input box, entire the title of the draft you are creating.
  • Next, enter the main content in the “What’s on your mind” input box.
  • Click Save Draft to save your thought for later editing.
  • When you want to continue on this post, go to Posts > All Posts. Your recently created draft will be in the list of posts.
  • Click on it to continue editing, and then go on to complete the text, add media and links, and then publish.
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