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Are you aware of these Myths About SEO?

SEO has become talk of the town especially when you want to increase the visibility of your business on the internet. Since the art of SEO has become so popular, it has been surrounded by several myths as well. Following are the most common ones:

Myth: The job of SEO is very easy!

This is the most common myth you’ll come across. People think adding keywords to content is the only task of SEO. However, optimising needs to add several other things such as link building. But if you try using black-hat methods, search engines can easily find them out and that particular web page will get blacklisted.

Myth: SEO is just to increase the page rank!

SEO definitely increases the page rank which is very important however; the main motto of SEO is to get quality traffic to the website. It doesn’t always mean that your website will get potential customers; sometimes your visitors are simply faithful readers as well.

Myth: Visitors will always find my homepage!

Search engines can index any page wherever they find searched keywords or key phrases. Web pages get indexed on the basis of their content. Therefore, visitors can land on any page. So, it means every web page needs to get as much importance as you give to the homepage.

Myth: You need to submit your website with the search engine to get it indexed!

It is not mandatory to get indexed to appear in the top search results. Websites can be indexed from external incoming links as well. According to experts, it is a better way of getting indexed from external incoming links than submitting sites in search engines.

Myth: Once you achieve high page rank, your position is safe!

If you have reached the top ten results of the search engines, it doesn’t mean that you have secured your place. It can go down anytime, as thousands of other websites are increasing their quality everyday with the help of quality SEO.

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