How do I measure the success of my website?

By 27/01/2015 Business, Strategy
Success Measurement

How do I measure the success of my website?

If your business has a website and you want to measure its success, keep in mind that every website for every business is different. The only way to measure any site’s success is to define what its goals and objectives are. This is easily done by having a set list of things you would like your website to achieve. Once this is decided you can take a closer look at the sites metrics in order to measure its success. If you are a little stuck for what your goals for your website could be, consider these:

  • To sell products online

  • Provide a portfolio of your skills to encourage interest in your services

  • To provide helpful information and create an online community

Conversion Contentment

Conversions are an important aspect when measuring your website’s success. Let’s face it; we all want our customers to take action when they are on our website. As soon as a customer takes action such as clicking a link for further information, completing a contact form or requesting further information on a product, you have a conversion!

Your conversion rate can be worked out for you by your chosen designer or you can make use of Google’s free analytics tool that offers goal conversion tracking and can provide you with all the information you need to understand which pages your customers are visiting the most and spending the most time on. Beware though of falling into the trap of vanity metrics, whereby you assume your website is doing well because you just received your thousandth visitor: the success is in the details!

Engagement Enticement

Engagement metrics are also important. This is basically how a consumer is engaging with your website. You certainly want them spending time on your site and if they are spending a lot of time on your site and not making a purchase, you need to figure out why. Things to analyse with this particular metric include time spent on the site, the number of pages that are visited, how many pages are viewed with each visit and if any of your pages are shared or brought up on social media sites.

Acquisition attainment

Acquisition metrics are vitally important, especially when your engagement metrics and acquisition metrics complement each other. These metrics measure the total number of visits to your site, how many of those visits are unique visitors, what the total number of unique visitors is in comparison to the total or return visitors and just how many of these visitors are actually making a purchase.

A targeted, goal oriented and measurable website is ideal for tracking your success and is made possible by working with a professional website designer and developer. To learn more about building an effective website and measuring its success, feel free to contact us at Electric Pencil today.

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