Is the content of your website working for your target audience?

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Is your website content working for your target audience?

The content of your website is not only the words – images, downloads, videos, blog posts and just about anything else you have there is your website content. Well thought out content can have a positive impact on your target audience and the performance of your website. Let’s have a look at what to take into consideration when evaluating your website content.

Do you have a Content Strategy?

Planning is everything when it comes to effective content for your website. Using a content strategy as a guide to producing the right kinds of content at the right time is the best way to ensure that your website content works for your target audience. (Find out how to set goals and target audiences for your website here.) In its simplest form a content strategy is a plan of action that defines the priorities of your target audience and what content you need create to meet their needs. A well structured content strategy also takes into account the best format the content should be presented in. For instance a video, a long format written article, a tweet, a facebook post or an infographic each have the right use depending on the purpose of the communication and how the person will interact with it. Your content strategy should encompass all the avenues you will communicate with your target audience and how those communications will be delivered.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the way the content on your website is grouped and how well it can all be accessed by your target audience. WordPress uses a system of categories and tags which allow posts to be easily found and sorted. A clear method of categorising your content that falls in line with your content strategy will make it easy for your target audience to find and interact with the content they need. The ability to sort your website content by what’s most important to your target audience encourages interaction and provides a sense of control over your website so that it becomes useful. Suggesting more topics that might be of interest to a visitor based on what they have interacted with in the past is a great way to show that you are listening to their needs.

Web Friendly Copy Writing

Writing for the web is an art and a science all together. You have to take into account that your target audience will not afford you much time before they move on. So getting their attention quickly and then keeping it is the key. The copy writing should be simple with short sentences and paragraphs punctuated with bullet points, lists sub headings and pictures to break it up and create a pleasurable experience for the reader. At the same time as this your copy writing needs to be optimised for search engines so that they are able to index and rank it. Without doing the basics of SEO you’ll fail to get your target audience to even see the content your created.

Maintenance Schedule

Clearly define how many blog posts, tweets, newsletters and so on you’ll be creating and how often they’ll be posted to your website. Then follow that plan. A regularly updated website let’s your target audience know that you’re there and still providing useful information to them – search engines also rank websites that add new content on a regular basis better than other websites that don’t.

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