Changing your WordPress Password

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Changing your WordPress Password

If you ever need to change your WordPress password, navigate to your profile by going to users and then your profile. At the bottom of the page you will see a place to enter your new password and another box to confirm it. There is a strength indicator that helps you create stronger passwords if you wish to use it. When you are done, click update profile and your old password will be replaced.

Changing your WordPress Password to a strong password is very important. Here’s a few tips to help you make sure your WordPress Password is secure:

  1. Avoid using recognisable words

    Using words that come from the dictionary is a bad idea. Password crackers can scan through any modern dictionary and can guess by number of characters.

  2. Don’t make it personal

    Don’t use your name or the names of close family or friends. No birth dates either. These are an easy first try for potential social hackers.

  3. Mix it up and make it long

    Mix your password up with letters, numbers, special characters and make it as long as you can.

  4. Use a different password for each website

    This is not a very practical solution unless you’re using your browser to remember them. A more practical solution would be to use one or two passwords for low level security websites. Then use a unique password for more important accounts.

  5. Change your passwords regularly

    Changing your WordPress Password regularly is a great way to keep it safe. If you suddenly notice anything strange occurring the first thing you should do is change your WordPress Password.

  6. Create a unique and memorable phrase

    Build a unique and memorable phrase using all of the tips above. Make it something that is easily remembered, but would be difficult to guess.

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