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Benefits of using Twitter for business

By 7 Jan 2014Aug 15th, 2021No Comments

Benefits of using Twitter for business

The first Tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey. It was only eight days earlier that he started programming Twitter! Since then nearly 5 billion Tweets have been sent at a rate of about 1 million per day. Getting this social media giant to work for your business is part science and part art and any business can benefit from using Twitter.

Here are 12 reasons you should consider using Twitter for your business:

Participate in the conversation

Your target audience are already on Twitter where they might be tweeting about their experiences both positive and negative. Using Twitter you can be part of the conversation around these issue when it is appropriate to do so.

I’m running a business, will I really have the time?

This is a valid concern and the answer is that you don’t need to be the one who writes for your blog. Get your expert staff members to write posts or ask your web design company to do it for you. By delegating this work you can oversee it from a strategic point of view.


Twitter will help you keep your brand top of mind for your target audience and assist your brand in being technologically up to date.

Your competitors are on Twitter

Make sure that you’re not left behind buy your competition. Use Twitter to research your competition and find out what’s going on for them, how they’re using the medium or even if they’re planning a big product launch.

Engage with your Target Audience

Twitter allows you the benefit of being able to engage with your target audience without being too pushy about it. You can re-tweet some of their messages and follow their Tweets.

Manage your online reputation

News breaks very quickly on Twitter. Monitoring what people are saying about your business on Twitter can give you a real-time view of what is happening and allows you to manage your reputation by being on top of things in transparent and honest way.

Promote your blog

Tweeting a link to your latest blog post gets the information to your target audience immediately and drives traffic to your website and blog.


Twitter is simple quick and easy to use and is very well suited to use on mobile devices. As news breaks you can Tweet it from wherever you are whenever it’s happening.

Get feedback

You can get feedback on any number of things about your business. For example if you’re launching a new product you can set up a list of your target audience and get them to Tweet their experience with it instantaneously.


Tweet all your upcoming promotions so that your followers can get a value add by being the first to know about special offers or deals.

Search engine optimisation

Twitter can be used to direct traffic to relevant content on your website. this increases back-links and will positively impact your rankings.

Ask a question, get an answer

If you’ve ever had one of those moments when you’d really like to get an answer about something from your target audience, Twitter offers you a way to do so with immediate results. It’s also free!

Press releases and news

And of course there’s the most typical use for news and press releases. get this important information out there with speed and ease. As you can see using Twitter properly can be an important social communication device for your business. Isn’t it time you started Tweeting?


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