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Appropriate Website Content

By 15 Aug 2014Aug 15th, 2021No Comments
koala to the max

If there’s one that makes content great; that would be appropriate website content is. Your content should be appropriate to your business, to your target audience and to the ways it is being delivered.

When content helps you achieve the goals you have set for your business it can be considered great content. Merely explaining to target audiences who you are and what you do will not necessarily accomplish any business goals. However, appropriate website content will help you generate leads, make sales, rank well with search engines, train, market to and care for your target audience – it will make your business better.

Consider the website Koala to The Max. This website which has featured as an experimental website starts off with nothing more than a circle of color. It is only when you roll over the circle with your mouse that something starts to happen. The circle starts to divide into smaller circles of varying colour.

Koala to the max

The more you roll your mouse over the new circles the more they divide into smaller and smaller circles. Until a recognizable image starts to emerge.

It’s a strangely satisfying experience, something like popping the bubbles of a strip of bubble wrap. But it is the context of the content of this website that reveals why it is supremely appropriate website content for the business, the target audience and its delivery.

The creator Vadim Ogievetsky is a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) engineer and is constantly experimenting with new ways to engage with audiences for use on corporate websites and applications. This website is one of his experiments which shows how his work sometimes begins with “out there” experimentation. Void of instructions, only people who are willing to try something new will engage with it, the rest will simply move on. Ogievetsky has not only successfully targeted an experimental audience, he has eliminated those who are not. For those who take the journey of discovery he has offered, the reward is a compulsively satisfying experience and a cute and cuddly Koala Bear.

Being a UX designer, it is important for Ogievetsky to show that he is able to think laterally and willing to try new things. This website displays his creativity, technical prowess, a keen understanding of user satisfaction and a good sense of humor. All of those are feathers in the cap of a good UX and UI engineer, so the website is very appropriate for his business.

Ogievetsky has also positioned his content so that it is firmly set within the appropriate context. By being a part of an industry body GitHub and opening his work up for review and use by others he hits the nail on the head as an expert in his field.

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