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Advantages to having your own Facebook Fan Page

By 24 Jan 2014Aug 15th, 2021No Comments
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Advantages to having your own Facebook Fan Page

The social web is growing at a rapid rate. People are spending more and more of their online time within various social networks. One of the biggest is of course Facebook and these days the best way forward with Facebook as part of your social strategy is to create a Fan Page.

Here are just five reasons why having a fan page is a good idea.

Get indexed

Google loves Facebook fan pages and indexes them with relish when they are well crafted and visited. When your Fan Page is recommended to a friend of the visitor viewing it and that friend accepts and becomes a fan the Fan Page’s status does a back-flip for joy. People use Facebook to do some of their searching these days too. Having a visitor stumble across an unofficial or Hate Page could do your brand harm, so creating an official Fan Page for your brand is necessary to communicate what you want to people on this platform.

Beat the competition

Have you tried to search for your competitors on Facebook yet? If they’re already there you’re already behind in the game. If they’re not yet there, you’ve got the chance to be a leader in this social sphere. Your Facebook Fan Page will show that you’re forward thinking and are where your customers are too.

Be better optimised for search engines

As I mentioned before search engines are taking social media more and more seriously. Both Google and Bing take Facebook and Twitter into account when they rank your site. Anything that can impact on your ranking and search engine optimisation is worth taking note of and doing something about.

Be engaging

It’s a far easier task to interact with your target audience in the laid back friendly atmosphere of Facebook that it is directly from your website. When visitors are interacting with your bran on Facebook their guard is down and they’ll tell you more. You also have the opportunity to show them more about who you are and really engage with them quickly and easily.

Stay current

Just because you might not like Facebook, Twitter or any other social media doesn’t mean that your target audience feels the same way. If you want your brand to succeed online you need to do what works and not just what you like. Failing to do so will mean you’ll be left behind in the most important revolution of our lifetime.

A Facebook Fan Page is a requirement for anyone who takes social media seriously. If you don’t take social media seriously for your brand you will be left behind your competition and miss out on far more advantages than I have mentioned above. Nobody expects you to be the social media expert, but at least let someone who knows what they’re doing help you take advantage of this opportunity.

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